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Tarrant County 9-1-1 District
2600 Airport Freeway
Fort Worth, TX 76111


Request for Proposals - RN19 008

The Tarrant County 9-1-1 District (District) is soliciting qualifications from individuals or firms with expertise in Property Condition Assessments of the District's existing property located at 2600 Airport Freeway. The property to be assessed is a single-story, brick commercial office building that was constructed in 1986, and is approximately 13,600 square feet. It is located on a 57,687 square foot lot with on-site parking.


In 1984, the Texas Legislature passed the Emergency Communications District Act authorizing Texas counties with populations in excess of 750,000 to establish a special 9-1-1 service district. In April 1985, the citizens of Tarrant County overwhelmingly (86.5% of the vote) approved a referendum creating a communications district and giving authorization to collect a service fee (20 cents per residential phone line, 46 cents per business phone line and 74 cents per business trunk line). Following the 1985 balloting, the Tarrant County 9-1-1 Emergency Assistance District was staffed and began working to build the region's first 9-1-1 telecommunications network. On August 2, 1987, Enhanced 9-1-1 was implemented across Tarrant County.

Today, the District provides Enhanced 9-1-1 wireline and wireless services to District's jurisdiction. The District is a Special District as defined in the Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 772. Following its creation the District in 1984, it has provided 9-1-1 equipment and services to Police, Fire and EMS Departments in Tarrant County and adjacent jurisdictions joining the District by choice. The District currently serves a population of over 2.34 million in 41 jurisdictions including DFW Airport and the City of Irving who chose to join the District after the District's creation. These 41 jurisdictions account for an approximate 1,100 square miles and are made up of 38 member cities, Tarrant County, DFW Airport. Serving the 41 jurisdictions are 29 Primary PSAPS, 5 Secondary PSAPS (fire and EMS) 10 Backup PSAPs and 2 training PSAP's.

It is the District's intent to pursue changes in the physical plant of the District to allow for the growth in personnel and the expanded technological requirements for the services currently provided. The District also intends to create a more secure physical presence allowing entry for authorized personnel only. All work contracted will be in compliance with the Design and Construction Guidance for Community Safe rooms (FEMA 361, second edition, August 2008), NFPA 1221, Standards for installation, Maintenance and Use of Emergency Services Communications Systems, UFC 4-010-1, Unified Facilities Criteria, DOD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings, Next Generation 9-1-1 standards and all other applicable guidance for the construction of a modern building focused on providing hardened, redundant, and resilient public safety communication services.

Part One: Scope of Work

The District is soliciting quotes from engineering and/or architecture services to provide a Property Condition Assessment for the existing facility that meets all standard property condition assessment requirements. The District reserves the right to negotiate the fees for service independent of the proposal. Payment terms to be negotiated with the selected proposer.
The services to be provided include, but are not limited to:

1. Facility infrastructure assessment.
2. Space needs analysis (potential structural expansion).

Preliminary Schedule Milestones:

Issuance of RFP January 28, 2019
Proposals due February 4, 2019
Interviews (if required) February 7, 2019
Selection of consultant February 8, 2019
Site Assessment Week of February 11, 2019
Draft Capital Table February 27, 2019

District Contact

Name Title Phone Email
Shinar Haynes Executive Director (817) 820-1188 Shaynes@tc911.org

Selection Criteria

Submittals will be evaluated and ranked on the following:

1. Professional Qualifications: Technical expertise and competence in similar services, including education, registration and years of experience of individuals who will be assigned to these projects.

2. Key personnel experience, accuracy, availability and demonstrated ability to work together and with the applicable vendor community.

3. Firm's experience in estimating probable costs accurately and completing the work on schedule.

4. Firm's knowledge of the District's contracting procedures and requirements.

5. The firms' ability to undertake the work immediately and dedicate the necessary personnel and resources to meet the anticipated work schedule.

6. Past performance/references to meeting client objectives on schedule and within budget.

7. Claims: The firm's identification of any contract claims or terminations.

8. Familiarity of the key personnel with the District's facilities and operations.

Selection Process

The anticipated selection process is as follows:

1. A panel will review the qualifications submitted.

2. The panel may request additional information from one or all submitters.

3. Interviews may be scheduled with one or more submitters.

4. The selected submitter will be invited to enter into contract negotiations with the District.

5. Should the District and the selected submitter not reach a mutual agreement, The District will terminate negotiations and move to the next qualified firm and proceed with negotiations.

Submittal Content

Interested firms are requested to submit qualifications and experience in the conduct of similar work as per the selection criteria. In addition to the required paper copies, an electronic version of all submittals is required. As a minimum, the submission shall include:

1. A written expression of interest and availability of proposed Project Team and its key personnel.

2. Firm name, phone and fax numbers of all consultants on the team.

3. Name of Principal-in-Charge and Project Manager; sub-consultants; number of employees in each firm proposed to provide services.

4. Detailed resumes for the individuals proposed for the project team, to include each individual team member's relevant past experience.

5. A list and description of at least three clients for which the firm has comparable work during the last three years. A contact name, a recent telephone number and brief description of the comparable work. Only projects completed by members of the project team will be considered.

6. Examples of the team's capital tables generated during the process.
Please submit six (6) bound copies and the required electronic copy. Submittal must be received at Tarrant county District Offices on or before the specified time and date below.

All submittals are due by 4:00 p.m., February 4, 2019, addressed to:

Tarrant County 9-1-1 District
Attn: Shinar Haynes, Executive Director
2600 Airport Freeway
Fort Worth, TX 76111

*Electronic copy to the District's consultant, Kristen Rohrbough, Canyon Hills Consulting Group, kristen@canyonhillscg.com

Equal Employment Opportunity

The District's policy is to provide employment, training, compensation, and other conditions or opportunities associated with employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, veteran status, or any other basis protected by law. The District, assigns work, promotes, compensates, and retains employees only on the basis of their qualifications and performance, and our business needs.

The District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The District encourages disadvantaged, minority, and women owned consultant firms to apply.


All information submitted shall become the property of the District and is subject to open records laws of the state of Texas. The potential Consultants should identify and portions of the information submitted that the Consultant deems exempt from the public disclosure requirements.
(817) 820 - 1183
PostedJanuary 30, 2019

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